Instagram has published the third edition of its ‘Instagram Insider’ digital magazine, which takes a look at emerging trends based on platform engagement, and provides tips and insights to help guide your strategic approach.

The fall edition of Instagram Insider looks at seasonal shifts among users, which take on a more optimistic tone.

As explained by Instagram:

“The autumn trends for this year mirror the previous 18 months, with an increasing respect for nature and art, as well as for one’s own individuality and pageantry. The effects of a year’s worth of lengthy walks and treks may be observed in the developing Gorpcore visual style. In everything from tops to nails to dishware, bright colors and vivid patterns reflect the increased enthusiasm for all things simply happy (a trend we are dubbing “C’Mon Get Happy”).

Bright colors, without a doubt, are a prominent element of this year’s trend insights.

Instagram Insider Magazine - Fall 2021

Take note of the opportunity to scan a barcode and learn more about a subject in the app, which connects the magazine directly to shoppable articles and videos.

Instagram also provides comments on Fashion Month, as well as important rising artists to follow for their distinct views on the different fashion events. The samples above may be used to help you develop your own Instagram approach.

Instagram Insider Magazine - Fall 2021

There’s also Instagram’s Q and A section, where it looks to address common questions around platform usage, with this month’s segment primarily focused on Reels.

Instagram Insider Magazine - Fall 2021

However, Instagram does state that the Reels algorithm favors ‘smaller artists,’ which is a minor discovery and does not provide any strategic insight.

Additionally, Instagram’s recommendation that users should re-share their Reels to Stories and their main feed is noteworthy. It’s understandable, but Instagram is also actively attempting to discourage users from re-sharing feed posts to Stories.

Reels, on the other hand, seems to have no such reservations.

In addition to providing some interesting insight into the latest trends, Instagram’s Insider magazines also provide some additional information about its algorithms and what it is looking to focus on at any given time, while the advice sections do provide some additional information about what it is looking to focus on at any given time.

You can read and download the past editions of Instagram Insider here and here.