Are you looking for methods to improve the effectiveness of your TikTok marketing strategy?

High levels of interaction and downloads continue to be recorded on the platform, and with the holiday shopping season rapidly approaching (Christmas is just 115 days away), an increasing number of companies are taking into consideration the platform’s potential for use in their marketing campaigns.

However, the most important aspect of successful TikTok marketing is the quality of your creativity and your ability to blend in with the platform’s overall look and feel.

Do you understand what works on TikTok and, as a result, what could work best for your company’s brand?

To help with this, TikTok has added a new section into its Creative Center ad tips platform, which presents a range of data insights as to what users are responding to from brands.

TikTok creative insights

As explained by TikTok:

Because creativity is often ignored as a critical component of performance marketing, many advertisements fail to achieve their full potential in terms of return on investment. In order to assist you in achieving your business objectives through breakthrough creative on TikTok, we analyzed the data to identify the best-performing creative attributes – such as video duration and closed captioning – so that we could share some universal and category-specific best practices and assist you in increasing your ad performance.”

Although it seems that the platform is not completely developed at this time, with just a few insights in a few verticals accessible, it does offer some useful information on which methods are receiving the greatest response and what you should be seeking to incorporate in your TikTok advertisements.

TikTok marketing insights

Expanded detail for each aspect may be found on the other side of the information panel, where there are also up and downvote buttons to indicate whether or not you found the data useful in your preparations.

TikTok data insights

That seems to imply that, if more of these recommendations are provided, TikTok will be able to rank the listings based on their relative visitor value, perhaps making it a more useful resource for such information in the long run.

Despite the fact that it does not cover all sectors at this time, it is worth bookmarking for future reference and for sketching out your TikTok marketing strategy in the meanwhile.

You can check out the new Creative Insights section here.