Earlier this month, Facebook released a new research that examines how consumers’ connections with businesses have changed over the course of the previous year and what this implies for marketing strategy in the future.

The 25-page study includes a review of over 100 Facebook ad campaigns that had above-average performance in 2020, and it examines the major factors that contributed to the increased response in order to identify significant adjustments in messaging strategy in the future.

As explained by Facebook:

“While last year was exceptional, it served as a creative tipping point with long-term ramifications for all of us in the creative community. It is unavoidable that people’s connections with companies and their expectations of them will alter in the future. Through an examination of the work that has achieved success on our platforms, we can identify some of the important behaviors that have changed and that will continue to impact creative for many years to come.”

You can download the full report here, but in this post, we’ll look at some of the key findings.

Overall, the study places a strong emphasis on five major focus aspects that have been highlighted within these campaigns:

  • Build inclusively – Brands seeing stronger performance focused on more inclusive creative, depicting their audiences in representative and insightful ways
  • Create edutainment – Brands that sought to provide more education, in creative ways, generated more positive response
  • Sell with ideas – With social interactions limited, brands that were able to communicate ideas aligned with the desire to find new information, replacing traditional discovery processes
  • Speak platform language – In other words, creating content more aligned with user-generated posts and updates – ads that look less like ads
  • Reward self-discovery – Creative that connects with people’s desire for personalized, guided information saw improved response

Some of these principles may appear a bit hazy at first glance, but Facebook has offered concrete examples of each as well as comprehensive explanations on how to put them into action.

Facebook ad trends report

As well as explaining each idea in further detail, Facebook has also offered more specific recommendations as well as question prompts to start you thinking about how you may incorporate each concept into your strategy.

Facebook ad trends report

Additionally, Facebook has detailed the major cultural developments that have occurred in recent years and how they connect to each ad trend, which provides more precise information.

Facebook ad trends report

It’s an excellent summary of some of the key principles that have contributed to improved ad response, as well as why they may be useful in your outreach efforts going forward.

The entire guide is available for free download, and it’s well worth your time to read it if you want to stay on top of the newest trends and developments.

You can download Facebook’s full 2021 Creative Forecast here.