#How you can beat the 7-Star Decidueye Tera Raid in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

How you can beat the 7-Star Decidueye Tera Raid in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

A Decidueye for a watch

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have gone a bit wild with Tera Raids this previous month. As a lot of a shock as Strolling Wake and Iron Leaves had been, absolutely the madness of 7-Star Pikachu threw the raiding group for a loop. For higher or for worse, we’re again to enterprise as normal with a showdown in opposition to the ultimate evolution of a earlier recreation’s starter. Fortunately, it isn’t almost as laborious because the thunder mouse.

Like different 7-Star occasions, Decidueye will all the time carry the Flying Tera Kind, and its technique will stay constant. When you can solely catch Decidueye as soon as, you possibly can proceed to farm the struggle for loot like Skill Patches and Bottle Caps. It seems the Tera Shard features from the Pikachu struggle are the brand new norm any longer too, which fortunately alleviates the insane grind for the objects by a tiny bit.

If you’re taking part in in a well-coordinated social gathering, Decidueye is likely one of the quickest and best 7-Star fights to clear within the recreation but. Nonetheless, if even one social gathering member isn’t on the identical web page, you’re going to have a foul time going into the protect section. Let’s fly into the small print.

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Decidueye’s strikes

Although Decidueye technically has the stats for a blended moveset, it’s strictly a bodily attacker. Flip by flip, Decidueye can hit you with both Spirit Shackle, Courageous Chicken, Low Kick, and Leaf Blade. In different phrases, it’s going to hit you with Ghost, Flying, Preventing, and Grass-Kind assaults. The owl technically will get a STAB bonus to all however the Preventing-Kind assault, however understand that Low Kick’s energy is predicated in your Pokemon’s weight. Decidueye could decide to hit you with Low Kick over the opposite choices due to this.

Proper after the primary flip, Decidueye will instantly clear your social gathering of any stat modifications. This successfully means you shouldn’t start the battle with stat-boosting strikes, and I didn’t observe any social gathering stat resets after this level. This skill might be instantly adopted by Feather Dance, sharply reducing the assault stat of 1 social gathering member. Just like fights like Cinderace and Greninja, Decidueye will linger on this first section till its HP is pushed low sufficient or an ally falls in battle. We’ll get extra into this later.

As soon as the primary section resolves, Decidueye will enter the standard Tera Raid protect section. Right here is the place issues can get dicey. Whereas it received’t essentially occur instantly, Decidueye will finally reset its unfavourable stat modifications and instantly use Swords Dance. Its harm in section one is manageable out the gate, however its output with Swords Dance will get terrifying if left unchecked. Moreover, it’s going to begin weaving makes use of of Air Cutter on prime of its regular assaults. You’ll have to be very cautious of vital hits all through this struggle. A nasty roll of RNG is all it takes to wipe out your Pokemon, doubtlessly setting your social gathering up for a loss.

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How you can counter Decidueye

Earlier than we get deep into technique, let’s clear up one factor; Electrical-Kind Pokemon are clear winners on this struggle. They deal Tremendous-Efficient harm and have resistances to Decidueye’s strongest assaults. That stated, Decidueye is aware of its hidden skill Lengthy Attain, which nullifies contact-based skills like Static.

As for the encounter itself, there’s the simple route and the laborious route. In case your staff is on the identical web page, you possibly can doubtlessly arrange a one-hit knock out by instantly barraging Decidueye’s defenses with strikes like Steel Sound and Acid Spray. Mixed with offensive cheers, Serving to Hand, and the facility of a sure legendary Pokemon, you possibly can nuke Decidueye to the moon and again earlier than the protect section begins. Even for those who lack the means to defeat it in a single flip, it’ll be inside vary to burn down with mildly cautious play.

In fact, the percentages of your complete social gathering coordinating and intentionally conserving Decidueye’s HP excessive at first is slim. In different phrases, you’ll want to arrange for Decidueye to throw its protect up and hit you with its terrifying offenses. Mirror is non-negotiable right here, as you’ll want mitigation to make this section go easily. Moreover, a celebration member can time Taunt earlier than the shields go as much as fully block Swords Dance (pictured above). Chilling Water places in ample work too, because it provides you a technique to decrease Decidueye’s offenses regardless of its protect. For those who can nerf the owl’s offenses sufficient right here, it’s best to be capable of cruise to victory. Focus as a lot as you possibly can on protection and don’t be afraid to make use of Cheers if wanted.

The most effective Pokemon to deliver

Usually, I like to speak a couple of handful of Pokemon that work nicely in opposition to the encounter in query. Nonetheless, this struggle uniquely has a number of standout Pokemon which can be exponentially higher than nearly another choice. You’ll understand why shortly.

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DPS MVP: Miraidon

It was solely a matter of time till a 7-Star raid was weak to one of many cowl legendary Pokemon. Actually, Decidueye appears designed for Miraidon to point out off. Your bread-and-butter assault is, unsurprisingly, Miraidon’s signature Electro Drift. This is likely one of the greatest Electrical-Kind assaults within the recreation, particularly mixed with Miraidon’s implausible Particular Assault. For those who’re going for a fast clear, you’ll need Steel Sound to decrease Decidueye’s Particular Protection and Cost to bolster Miraidon’s assault potential.

For those who can’t obtain a fast clear, there are a number of different choices to think about. Parabolic Cost provides Miraidon sustainability and preserves some treasured PP for Electro Drift. If Decidueye’s defenses are low sufficient, Parabolic Cost will present respectable maintain through the protect section. Taunt, as talked about above, will doubtlessly save your complete run if timed appropriately. Miraidon also can use Mirror to make sure your allies are protected. Assist doesn’t essentially swimsuit Miraidon, however there’s worth in overlaying bases that different gamers on-line would possibly lack.

I used to be in a position to get a solo clear with Miraidon. I began with Mirror, used Steel Sound Twice, then proceeded to make use of Cost and Electro Drift to deliver Decidueye to a sliver of well being. The battle was only a matter of brute drive from there. Think about this method if on-line rooms offer you hassle. In fact, you’re a bit out of luck for those who can’t entry Violet model, which brings us to our different MVP.

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DSP/Assist MVP: Bellibolt

Bellibolt actually provides you the whole lot you want for this encounter. Most gamers are working Bellibolt as DPS, which is smart given Miraidon’s exclusivity. With nice Protection and respectable Particular Assault, this frog places in work. Many gamers decide to provide it Parabolic Cost, which it could actually be taught utilizing the Mirror Herb trick as an egg transfer. Electrical Terrain can be utilized if no Miraidon is current (or the impact of Hadron Engine wars off), and Thunder Bolt is normal for offense. The Electromorphosis Skill additionally successfully makes Bellibolt use Cost each flip, bolstering harm potential additional.

Having stated that, for anybody taking part in on-line, I extremely advocate working Bellibolt as assist. Miraidon is only a stronger DPS candidate, and Bellibolt has wildly helpful assist strikes. Acid Spray is vital for fast victories, because it sharply lowers Particular Protection and works whereas Decidueye’s protect is up. Chilling Water is available in clutch too, bringing important Assault debuffs after Decidueye makes use of Swords Dance. Bellibolt also can use Mirror, rounding out its mitigation choices.

If constructed to maximise HP and Protection, Bellibolt has sufficient bulk to take buffed hits from Decidueye because it chips away at its offenses. So long as your social gathering members attempt to survive as you whittle away at stats, it’s best to be capable of pull off a clear victory by way of the protect section. Alternatively, an offensively-built Bellibolt can preserve beating Decidueye’s defenses down with Acid Spray and depend on everybody utilizing Parabolic Cost to make up for the incoming harm. Both means, strongly contemplate working Bellibolt with at the very least one or two assist strikes.

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Honorable point out: Toxtricity

I regarded into many various Pokemon that may very well be viable right here. Farigiraf with the hidden skill Sap Sipper theoretically is proof against Decidueye’s Grass and Ghost assaults, however it’ll nonetheless take hits from Air Cutter and Courageous Chicken. Corviknight has a stable Flying/Metal-Kind mixture, however doesn’t have a movepool that counters Decidueye tremendous nicely. Miraidon and Bellibolt simply cowl so many bases that it’s laborious to justify utilizing anybody else.

The one Pokemon actually price a particular shout is Toxtricity. Electrical/Poison is nice typing for this struggle, and it is aware of important assist strikes like Taunt and Acid Spray. Toxtricity can also be able to utilizing Nuzzle to paralyze Decidueye, which might doubtlessly save your staff in case you have good RNG. Most significantly, its entry to Serving to Hand is significant for one-hit KOs. If everybody reliably makes use of Miraidon and Bellibolt in rooms on-line, a Toxtricity can add some further utility for cleaner victories.

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Discover what works for you

Inside the first 12 hours of this encounter going stay, my wins had been inconsistent. Having stated that, the ways for Tera Raids often solidify going into the weekend. I wouldn’t be stunned if extra nuke methods acquire prominence, much like how Saved Energy Slowbro dominated Cinderace as soon as the struggle was stay for lengthy sufficient.

For those who discover an unorthodox setup that will get you constant success, completely go for that. For instance, Iron Fingers has usually been discouraged because of Feather Dance, however some gamers are making it work regardless. Take note of the meta because it evolves and attempt to play together with methods you see different gamers utilizing. Good luck!

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