TikTok has changed the social media function of music.

Instead of being an afterthought, music has become the catalyst for the creative process for many. Creators are increasingly looking for trendy songs or noises on TikTok, and making their material appropriate, knowing that it will be noticed.

That implies that companies need to take into account their audio options in the app and how they may match themselves with the same trends.

According to internal study by TikTok, 73% of viewers “stop and see” TikTok commercials with music.

TikTok is a ‘sound on’ platform and it may finally determine your ultimate amount of success in the application to create your campaigns.

Have you ever heard about ‘sonic branding?’

Sonic Branding is the notion that the tone, personality and character of your brand are comparable to the logo of your firm, colors and typeface, sounds and music. You’ll note that the businesses who have created their sonic brand employ tracks, jingles and branded sounds identical throughout all their campaigns. With the growing popularity of household intelligent speakers and social media video content, sonic branding becomes a major concern for businesses and may help communicate their narrative.

That’s just one way to consider your sound options on TikTok. For more tips, check out the infographic from Vamp below.