#Greatest Kingdom Hearts Summons, ranked

Greatest Kingdom Hearts Summons, ranked

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Sora has enlisted the assistance of many Disney and Remaining Fantasy characters through the years, and Kingdom Hearts summons have offered a good way for gamers to get the higher hand on the Heartless and Nobodies. With Tinkerbell giving fixed therapeutic, and Peter Pan lifting Sora off the bottom for some aerial assaults, there have been loads of superior summons to pool from in an effort to create this record.

Whereas not all Kingdom Hearts summons are helpful (we’re you, Hen Little), loads of them can tremendously help Sora and his pals, each offensively and defensively.

Listed here are the seven greatest Kingdom Hearts summons.

7. Peter Pan (Kingdom Hearts II)

Peter Pan Kingdom Hearts 2 summon
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Whereas not as highly effective as you’d like, Peter Pan’s summon remains to be helpful in tight conditions. Whereas protected, pixie mud flies throughout the battlefield whereas Sora assaults his foes from the air. Images of Sora’s Neverland journey with Peter Pan additionally seem on-screen, which makes for a terrific callback. The assaults don’t final lengthy, making this summon decrease on the record. Regardless, “The Flying Boy” can save Sora in a pinch if used accurately.

6. Bambi (Kingdom Hearts)

Bambi Best Kingdom Hearts summons
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The unique KH has summons primarily based extra on utility than dominance on the battlefield; that’s the case with Bambi. Whereas this creature is merely a small deer, Bambi makes our record of the best Kingdom Hearts Summons as a result of they launch a ton of MP bubbles round themselves. If you’ll want to make the most of a Blizzard spell or an superior capacity like Sonic Blade, Bambi can inventory you up rapidly. What a “Thumper” of a Summon!

5. Simba (Kingdom Hearts III)

Simba Kingdom Hearts 3 Summon
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One of many only a few characters to look in all three Kingdom Hearts video games Simba is a strong summon for Sora in KH3. He turns into an enormous supply of fireplace for the keyblade wielder. When he roars, the encompassing space is scorched and each time he jumps and collides with a foe, it causes injury. On the finish of the sequence, Simba unleashes a burst of fireplace that wipes out your whole enemies within the neighborhood. With how highly effective every consecutive assault is, Simba is likely one of the greatest Kingdom Hearts summons.

4. Ariel (Kingdom Hearts III)

Ariel KH3
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Regardless of originating from one of many worst worlds in Kingdom Hearts historical past, Ariel is a incredible summon in KH3. Sora and the redhead mermaid dive out and in of the water, damaging foes with each affect. Nevertheless, you too can splash water in the direction of enemies mid-dive, including one other method to deal a blow to their HP meter. This “Sea Spectacle” assault is important for some gamers who wish to defeat the key boss of KH3 Remind, as you possibly can keep away from incoming combos whereas this transfer is energetic.

3. Genie (Kingdom Hearts II)

Genie Kingdom Hearts 2
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Agrabah’s Genie offers some stellar assaults in Kingdom Hearts II. Taking inspiration from Sora’s drive varieties, he offers alternate assaults relying on the outfit he’s carrying, they usually’re all fairly highly effective. The Grasp Type has the Arcana, which has Genie spinning within the air, sending out magical projectiles. On this kind, he can simply wipe out a wave of heartless together with his assaults. The gimmick of Genie carrying cosplay for Sora’s drive varieties additionally offers a pleasant visible contact.

2. Meow Wow (Kingdom Hearts III)

Meow Wow KH3
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Meow Wow is an lovable Dream Eater that offers an enormous quantity of injury to its opponents in Kingdom Hearts III. Sora rides the creature because it bounces on its foes, and the creature grows bigger each time it hits the bottom. When you’ve pumped it as much as a full measurement, you possibly can launch the air within the balloon-like animal, which strikes foes with a strong blast because it whips across the battlefield. Meow Wow is surprisingly efficient in opposition to robust bosses and a big crowd of heartless or nobodies. It’s among the finest Kingdom Hearts summons ever.

1. Tinker Bell (Kingdom Hearts)

Tinker Bell KH1
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Tinkerbell has are available clutch in lots of Kingdom Hearts playthroughs all through the years. In “Finish of the World”, Tinkerbell is a necessary carry, therapeutic you as you strike down the Heartless. Tinkerbell by no means leaves your facet through the battle, in contrast to each different summon within the sequence. And what makes her larger nonetheless is that she’ll revive you utterly for those who lose your whole well being. This comes at the price of dropping her presence by your facet, nevertheless. For these causes and extra, Tinkerbell is arguably the best Summon in Kingdom Hearts.


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