#Find out how to beat the 7-Star Samurott Tera Raid in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Find out how to beat the 7-Star Samurott Tera Raid in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Welcome to the important hits of Samurott

I really feel like a damaged report saying this, however Samurott might be probably the most sudden 7-Star raid in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet but. Certain, it follows the method of basing a raid round a earlier Technology’s starter, however the meta and techniques for this combat aren’t like something we’ve seen till now. Whether or not that’s good or dangerous is as much as you, however both means, put together for a fierce problem that prioritizes very particular methods.

In case you’ve participated in Tera Raids since Scarlet & Violet launched, you already know the deal by now. Samurott will at all times have the Bug Tera Kind, and it’ll use the identical technique in each encounter. You’re restricted to catching one Samurott per save file, however you may proceed to farm the combat for Potential Patches, Bottle Caps, and different helpful goodies. Decidueye codified a pattern of boosted Tera Shard positive factors per victory, and fortunately that custom continues right here. I doubt you’d want to vary many Pokemon’s Tera Kind to Bug, however hey, extra shards are higher than much less.

So far as the combat itself, I’ve obtained one factor to say to you: do you want important hits? I hope you do, as a result of Samurott has a number of them to present. That sounds scary, however this combat is bizarrely easy to clear in the event you’re moving into solo. Right here’s what it is best to count on.

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Samurott’s moveset

As we initially anticipated, Samurott is a strictly bodily attacker. All through the combat, it’ll use Aqua Cutter, Megahorn, Night time Slash, and Drill Run. This lets Samurott deal Water, Bug, Darkish, and Floor-Kind injury. That stated, Samurott will sometimes use no matter transfer offers probably the most injury to you. Any Pokemon you convey will seemingly must defend in opposition to Aqua Cutter and Megahorn over anything.

On the battle’s starting, Samurott will use Focus Power to spice up its Crucial Hit Price. Diehard Pokemon followers might have seen that three of Samurott’s 4 assaults have already got an elevated important probability. In different phrases, put together for nearly each assault to inflict a important hit. Crucial hits utterly ignore any unfavourable phases of the attacker’s stats and all optimistic phases of the defender’s stats. In different phrases, Protection-boosting strikes gained’t show you how to. Reducing Samurott’s assault can assist, however solely in a single particular occasion.

In reality, let’s get into timing proper now. Samurott usually enters its protect section after a couple of turns or as soon as it takes a considerable quantity of harm. A knocked-out ally in multiplayer rooms may even set off the protect section. Moreover, Samurott will use Bulldoze as an additional assault after flip 2, which luckily shouldn’t deal substantial injury. Nonetheless, this may drop your pace, making it seemingly that Samurott will assault first from right here on out.

As Samurott’s HP drops, it’ll nullify your get together’s stat adjustments. This occurs twice throughout the encounter, so any buffs you utilize after the second occasion will stick. Attention-grabbing sufficient, it gained’t cleanse itself of unfavourable stat debuffs till very late within the combat; so late you could not see it. Nonetheless, be cautious that it’s going to use Swords Dance after its protect breaks, dramatically growing its energy. Bear in mind, important hits nonetheless register the attacker’s optimistic stat adjustments throughout injury calculations.

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Find out how to counter Samurott

As talked about above, Samurott will clear your group’s stat adjustments all through the combat. Because it takes so lengthy for Samurott to cleanse its personal stats, any debuffs you may throw at it proper off the bat will stick. Take flip one to make use of a Protection-lowering transfer like Screech, particularly in the event you or your allies depend on the Shell Bell for therapeutic. As soon as Samurott’s shields go up, solely debuffs hooked up to damage-dealing strikes will work.

Because of the nature of important hits, there’s little you are able to do to make the injury bearable on your get together. That stated, there may be one transfer that may are available clutch: Mud-Slap. Sure, this primary Floor-Kind transfer isn’t sturdy, nevertheless it lowers accuracy by one stage per use. Extra importantly, it does deal injury, that means it’s efficient throughout the protect section. Megahorn is certainly one of Samurott’s strongest assaults, however its one downside is its imperfect 85% accuracy. In case you harass Samurott’s accuracy sufficient, Megahorn will nearly by no means hit your group. You do depend on probability, since you will get whacked with an unfortunate roll of the cube. Nonetheless, there’s not a lot else you are able to do defensively.

In any other case, there actually isn’t a lot to say in regards to the combat itself. Many speculated Flying-Kind Pokemon can be dominate, however there aren’t any standout candidates that deal unimaginable injury right here. A very powerful consideration is whether or not your monster of selection can resist Water and Bug-Kind assaults, as these are the heavy hitters. Just a few Pokemon with hybrid typing match the invoice, however nobody Kind reigns dominate like in previous 7-Star occasions. Due to this, your finest methods rely closely on which Pokemon you construct.

The perfect Pokemon to convey

Watching the early meta for this combat shake out has been like no different occasion within the recreation. In reality, as of writing, many gamers are nonetheless utilizing an extremely large number of monsters on-line. After testing and observing many attainable counters, I can confidently say these are the perfect picks for this combat.

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DPS MVP: Annihilape

Regardless of missing Tremendous Efficient injury or cheese strats like Saved Energy, Annihilape is probably the most constant attacker in opposition to Samurott. On flip one, use Screech to decrease Samurott’s Protection. From flip two onward, use Rage Fist and by no means look again. If geared up with a Shell Bell, Annihilape ought to usually recuperate from the incoming injury. Rage Fist’s energy builds as Annihilape takes hits, so its efficacy will enhance because the battle progresses. You may need bother throughout the protect section, however a well-coordinated get together can decrease Samurott’s Protection sufficient to present Annihilape some maintain right here.

Annihilape actually doesn’t want some other strikes than these two. It’s necessary for Annihilape to not get knocked on the again foot, because it wants to keep up the therapeutic from Rage Fist to outlive. Some gamers have discovered success through the use of Screech twice or throwing in different strikes, however a single Screech into Rage Fist has probably the most constant outcomes. Due to this, pouring PP Ups into Rage Fist is very beneficial in case the battle drags on. Annihilape theoretically can be taught different helpful strikes for this combat, however I couldn’t discover the right timing to get them to work.

This technique will work for a solo clear. Whilst you might get knocked out a time or two when taking part in with AI companions, it is best to get a gradual and regular clear with Annihilape regardless. Simply be sure to max Annihilape’s EVs and IVs for finest outcomes. I personally went for HP and Assault, although I’ve learn feedback that counsel investing in Protection over HP as a substitute. I can’t convey myself to lift one other Annihilape to check this myself, so use your personal discretion right here.

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Total MVP: Koraidon

This combat actually, actually values Pokemon that resist Samurott. Simply as Annihilape’s distinctive typing offers it huge resistance to Bug-Kind strikes, Koraidon’s Dragon/Preventing-Kind hybrid helps it defend in opposition to each of Samurott’s heavy hitters. Mixed with Koraidon’s bodily bulk, this Legendary Pokemon shines right here.

A significant contributing issue to Koraidon’s success is Orichalcum Pulse. Establishing harsh daylight on flip one is a significant defensive boon in opposition to Aqua Cutter, particularly in the event you’re paired with an Annihilape. From there, I actually advocate taking part in Koraidon as a help. It may possibly take hits effectively sufficient to make use of Screech without having to heal, which can massively enhance your get together’s injury output. Sunny Day will put up climate once more when the impact of Orichalcum Pulse wears off, and Mud-Slap can be utilized to be purely defensive if you would like.

So far as injury choices are involved, right here’s the place issues get dicey. Many sources advocate a mix of Swords Dance and Flare Blitz as your main methodology of dealing injury. The place this will get dangerous is the recoil from Flare Blitz. Bear in mind, we’re doing huge quantities of harm in opposition to an inflated HP bar, so Koraidon can very simply knock itself out from the sheer injury it inflicts. Moreover, the aggressive stat resets from Samurott make it troublesome to arrange Swords Dance. My finest recommendation is to save lots of Flare Blitz for breaking down Samurott’s protect and for hopefully getting a robust ending strike in to finish the battle. Koraidon can nuke Samurott if performed appropriately, however I haven’t seen it pulled off in apply.

If that technique is just too dangerous for you, Drain Punch really works effectively right here. Samurott resists it, however Koraidon’s Assault stat is excessive sufficient to get regular maintain out of it if used alongside Screech. In any other case, I’d say perhaps Dragon Claw as an alternative choice to Flame Blitz. It gained’t do huge injury, however will probably be constant in the event you’re primarily making an attempt to help your group.

Assist MVP: Azumarill

Right here’s the deal: there are a couple of Pokemon which can be as succesful as Azumarill in a help function. Nonetheless, since Azumarill is already a well-liked Tera Raid Pokemon to construct, many gamers can convey this little fellow alongside without having to put money into an encounter-specific monster. You’ll simply must reconfigure its moveset.

The important thing transfer right here is, once more, Mud-Slap. RNG is a ache, however even a single missed assault could be the distinction between life or loss of life. Whereas Koraidon can technically cowl this base already, Azumarill additionally has distinctive utility in Attraction. Samurott’s Swords Dance is extraordinarily scary, so Attraction will instantly reset Swords Dance after it’s used. As a result of Azumarill is a Water/Fairy-Kind hybrid, it doesn’t require a pure help unfold of EVs to take hits from Bug and Water assaults.

As soon as Samurott is sufficiently weakened, be at liberty to contribute injury utilizing Stomach Drum and Play Tough. Simply ensure that it has already reset your get together’s stat buffs twice so that you don’t waste that deep HP loss from buffing your assault.

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Healer MVP: Cloyster

Look, I like Cloyster. I don’t see anybody else utilizing this factor as a healer, but when there was ever a combat for Cloyster to shine as one, it’s this.

Along with Cloyster’s ridiculously excessive Protection stat, it may possibly be taught the immensely precious means Shell Armor. This makes Clolyster resistant to important hits, granting whole protection in opposition to Samurott’s main mechanic. From right here, Cloyster can spam as a lot Life Dew because it needs, which it may possibly be taught as an egg transfer. This, actually, is useful to the purpose the place Cloyster’s different assault choices don’t matter that a lot. Scary Face is a superb transfer for flip one, because it drops Samurott’s pace greater than its Bulldoze assault will in return. In any other case, in case your get together is admittedly sturdy, you need to use Razor Shell to try to farm Protection debuffs on Samurott. This hasn’t made a considerable distinction in my testing, however the choice is there.

In any other case, throw Serving to Hand on Cloyster in case a Koraidon is making an attempt to organize for a nuke. It’s onerous to coordinate like this in random events, however what else are you going to do with that fourth transfer slot?

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Like at all times, discover the technique that works for you

In my testing, the above 4 Pokemon are the perfect to convey. Nonetheless, the character of this combat makes so many Pokemon viable in some capability. In case you ready for this combat by investing in Corviknight, you’ll get respectable mileage utilizing strikes like Screech, Roost, and Drill Peck. I’ve additionally seen Bellibolt get wins regardless of its weak point to Samurott’s Drill Run. In case you constructed one to deal injury throughout the Decidueye combat, you would possibly be capable of use it right here too. Cloyster may also be used offensively if given the Talent Hyperlink means mixed with Rock Blast. It’ll nonetheless take important hits although, so watch out in the event you take this method.

In any other case, it’s surreal to see so many Pokemon succeed regardless of missing a direct Kind benefit over Samurott. Despite the fact that the Bug-Kind is usually considered one of many worst within the franchise, it’s given gamers a singular problem to beat. If I’m being trustworthy, I form of like this battle. Planning for important hits mockingly takes a few of the randomness out of the combat, and the dearth of outright nuke methods prevents the same old coordination points that break optimum methods. Samurott is an honest problem in on-line rooms and I frankly loved determining dependable methods to make use of in opposition to it. What can I say, Technology 5 actually is the perfect.

Whether or not you solo clear or farm with mates, better of luck taking Samurott down!


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