Get ready to hear more about Facebook’s plans for its evolving AR and VR tools, with the company penciling in October 28th as the date for its annual Connect conference, which will be hosted virtually for the second year running.

Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect has typically been the location where the business makes major announcements about its augmented reality and virtual reality capabilities. Last year, Facebook presented its Quest 2 virtual reality headsets, as well as further information about its Initiative Aria augmented reality wearables project. In 2019, Facebook announced its advancements in hand tracking technology for more realistic virtual reality experiences, as well as the first views of its Horizon VR social environment, both of which were shown in 2018.

With Facebook on the verge of launching the first iteration of its AR glasses (which will be called smart glasses instead of AR ones because they will not have full AR functionality), you can expect a similar outcome this time around. Meanwhile, virtual reality continues to see strong adoption, particularly as people seek alternative entertainment options in the face of ongoing COVID restrictions.

A great deal will likely be made of the Metaverse as well, with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently stating that the business would eventually become ‘a Metaverse corporation.

Although no one is certain of what this implies, it is apparent that the notion of a virtual world in which people may engage in an ever-increasing number of ways appeals to Zuck and his colleagues.

Facebook sees enormous potential in the connection between augmented reality and virtual reality, and the company published a report in June indicating that 75 percent of all business owners will be utilizing augmented reality and virtual reality technology in the next two years, with global spending on augmented reality and virtual reality expected to increase sixfold in the same time frame.

Facebook AR adoption report

As a result, the Connect Conference in 2021 might be the site of some important announcements that are linked with this fundamental transition, which could have ramifications for every element of Facebook and Instagram usage in the future.

We’ll find out soon enough, since Facebook has stated that additional details about the conference will be released in the following weeks.