#Elevated participant depend, Tac-Dash Boots, KAR-98K

Elevated participant depend, Tac-Dash Boots, KAR-98K

Raven Software program listened to neighborhood suggestions and made a perk everlasting, and confirmed some like to Urzikstan after ignoring the large-scale map for 2 consecutive seasonal updates.

Forward of the upcoming Season 4 replace on Might 29, worry began seeping in for a phase of the Warzone participant base that Ranked Play wouldn’t be added to Urzikstan. These worries turned out to be justified, because the devs ignored conventional battle royale and introduced Ranked Resurgence again for a 3rd straight season.

Urzikstan followers will understandably be dissatisfied by this revelation, however Raven Software program made up for that by spicing up the expertise with modifications to bunkers and the gulag. Moreover, the devs made an unlimited-tac dash perk everlasting after gamers pleaded for the change and added the Specialist perk to Urzikstan. Here’s a take a look at all the things coming within the new seasonal replace.

Warzone Season 4 patch notes

Picture by way of Activision

Weapon buffs and nerfs


  • Decreased motion velocity to 4.8m/s, down from 5m/s.
  • Decreased dash velocity to five.5m/s, down from 5.7m/s.
  • Decreased tactical dash velocity to six.8m/s, down from 7m/s.
  • JAK Revenger Equipment
    • Decreased motion velocity to five.1m/s, down from 5.5m/s.
    • Decreased crouch motion velocity to 2.4m/s, down from 2.6m/s.
    • Decreased dash velocity to five.8m/s, down from 6.2m/s.
    • Decreased tactical dash velocity to 7.1m/s, down from 7.7m/s.
    • Decreased ADS motion velocity to three.1m/s, down from 3.3m/s.


  • Close to-Mid Harm Vary elevated to 49.53 meters, up from 39.37.
  • Mid Harm Vary elevated to 60.96 meters, up from 50.8.
  • Decrease Arm and Hand Modifiers elevated to 1.1x, up from  1x.

Holger 556

  • Close to-Mid Harm Vary elevated to 50.8 meters, up from 45.72.
  • Leg Modifier elevated to 0.95x, up from 0.85x.

SVA 545

  • Mid Harm decreased to 22, down from 24.
  • Headshot Modifier decreased to 1.3x, down from 1.4x.


  • Min Harm elevated to 22, up from 20.


  • Max Harm Vary elevated to 40.64 meters, up from 35.56.
  • Close to-Mid Harm Vary elevated to 50.8 meters, up from 48.26.
  • Headshot Modifier elevated to 1.25x, up from 1.2x.

Kastov 762

  • Mid Harm Vary elevated to 57.15 meters, up from 51.81.
  • Arms and Hand Modifiers elevated to 1.15x, up from 0.96x.
  • Decrease Torso Modifier elevated to 1.15x, up from 1x.
  • Leg Modifier elevated to 1x, up from 0.96x.


  • Close to-Mid Harm elevated to 26, up from 24.
  • Arm Modifier elevated to 1.15x, up from 1x.
  • Decrease Torso Modifier elevated to 1.15x, up from 1.1x.

ISO Hemlock

  • Mid Harm elevated to 25, up from 24.
  • Min Harm elevated to 21, up from 20.
  • Arm Modifier elevated to 1.16x, up from 0.95x.


  • Max Harm elevated to 29, up from 27.
  • Max Harm Vary decreased to 10.66 meters, down from 17.78.
  • Close to-Mid Harm elevated to 27, up from 25.
  • New Harm Vary Added
    • Mid Harm set to 25 
    • Mid Harm Vary set to 34.29 meters.

FJX Horus

  • Max Harm elevated to twenty-eight, up from 27.
  • Close to-Mid Harm elevated to 24, up from 23.
  • Mid Harm elevated to 21, up from 19.
  • Min Harm elevated to 19, up from 16.
  • Max Harm Vary elevated to 10.16 meters, up from 7.62.
  • Headshot Modifier decreased to 1.2x, down from 1.4x.
  • Arm and Hand Modifiers elevated to 1x, up from 0.95x.
  • Decrease Torso Modifier elevated to 1x, up from 0.95x.
  • Leg Modifier elevated to 1x, up from 0.95x.
  • Decreased recoil gun kick to 35.4deg/s, down from 42.5deg/s.
  • No Inventory Mod
    • Elevated ADS motion velocity profit to 12%, up from 9%.
  • Lopper LX-D Inventory
    • Added 3% ADS motion velocity penalty.


  • Elevated bullet velocity to 500m/s, up from  450m/s.
  • JAK Headhunter Carbine Conversion
    • Elevated charge of fireside to 882rpm, up from 682rpm.


  • Min Harm decreased to 21, down from 23.
  • Max Harm Vary decreased to 11.17 meters, down from 12.19.
  • Headshot Modifier decreased to 1.25x, down from 1.3x.


  • Max Harm Vary decreased to fifteen.49 meters, down from 18.03.
  • Close to-Mid Harm Vary decreased to 23.36 meters, down from 26.67.
  • Mid Harm Vary decreased to 33.02 meters, down from 38.1.
  • Decrease Arm and Hand Modifiers decreased to 1x, down from 1.1x.


  • Headshot Modifier decreased to 1.2x, down from 1.4x.
  • Decreased bullet velocity to 780m/s, down from 880m/s.

Holger 26

  • Headshot Modifier elevated to 1.3x, up from 1.2x.

XRK Stalker

  • Neck Modifier decreased to 1.2x, down from 2x.

Elevated Play depend

In an effort to reinforce the Battle Royale expertise on Urzikstan, we’ve determined to extend the variety of gamers in every match from 100 to 120. 

Urzikstan bunker replace

Elevated exercise throughout Urzikstan appears to be targeted on the Bunkers dotted throughout the warzone. After keycard entry is obtained, an expanded inside could also be accessible, together with high-level loot and extra intel concerning the situation of [[REDACTED]]. Secondary Bunker exit hatches are more likely to be energetic, permitting your squad a number of strategies of escape. Nevertheless, not all Bunkers look like accessible. Additional investigation, and nice care, is required to resolve this conundrum. 

Urzikstan gulag replace

Extra Gulag silos have opened up throughout Urzikstan Battle Royale matches, and recon groups have confirmed 4 completely different variants. Count on to randomly drop into one in all them, providing you new methods to method your 1v1 duel for redeployment.

Purchase again royale solos

Following the common Battle Royale guidelines, this Urzikstan-only mode disables the Gulag, and as an alternative lets you return to a match after dying, together with a removing of a few of your collected Money reserves. A number of redeployments can be found till the ultimate moments of a match (across the identical time the Gulag closes in common Battle Royale), permitting for a extra dangerous, aggressive technique and better eliminations if you happen to’ve the funds for it. 

Name of Obligation: Warzone Rewards

Accessible within the “Name of Obligation: Warzone Rewards” part of the Challenges Menu, there are 5 several types of Problem to finish, every granting a reward:

  • Economics: These supply rewards in return for looting and spending Money at Purchase Stations.
  • Contracts: Unlock gadgets for finishing differing kinds (and numbers) of Contracts.
  • Social: Work together with enemy gamers or support your crew to safe extra merchandise rewards.
  • Mode: Full duties in several recreation modes, from Battle Royale to Plunder to Resurgence.
  • Champion’s Quest: Is a Champion’s Quest energetic in your recreation? Then examine these Challenges out!

Specialist perk

Operators dropping into Urzikstan can now get hold of the legendary and most prized Perk possession, the Specialist Perk suitcase. This uncommon floor loot grants you some great benefits of the next 29 further Perks, however just for the rest of the match:

  • Perk Slots 1 and a pair of (all Perks energetic): Battle Hardened, Double Time, E.O.D., Focus, Irradiated, Mechanic, Mountaineer, Scavenger, Shrapnel, Sleight of Hand, Spotter, Sturdy Arm.
  • Perk Slot 3 (all Perks energetic): Chilly-Blooded, Escapist, Payout, Primed, Fast Repair, Resupply, Stalker, Survivor, Tempered, Tracker.
  • Perk Slot 4 (all Perks energetic): Birdseye, Fight Scout, Flex, Ghost, Excessive Alert, Resolute, Shrouded.

Tactical dash boots

Urzikstan-based Operators can sit up for infiltrating any of the accessible bunkers to acquire the Tactical Dash Boots Perk, which will provide you with a limiteless enhance in your Tactical Dash velocity, and a discount in fall injury.

New automobile: Polaris RZR

The final word mixture of energy, power, and management has arrived in Name of Obligation: Warzone! The Polaris RZR Professional R, a real-world side-by-side UTV providing fast acceleration, nimble dealing with, and rugged sturdiness is obtainable as a Land Automobile inside Urzikstan. Showing as “Polaris RZR” in your Tac-Map, this side-by-side differs from the present in-game UTV because it gives a tighter turning circle and dealing with, three seats and improved gas economic system. Presently out there in Urzikstan in any coloration so long as it’s grey. 

Loot sizzling zones

Designated factors of curiosity on the map might recognized as “Loot Sizzling Zones.” Get there earlier than the enemy and also you’ll be rewarded with greater tier loot than regular. Simply be ready for a vicious battle over who will get to say this enhanced gear! 

Season 4 Ranked Play Resurgence

Name of Obligation: Warzone Ranked Play: Resurgence continues on Rebirth Island, and the ruleset stays the identical; drop in and battle your method to the High 250 gamers worldwide and earn a wide range of rewards for each Rating up and advancing via the Talent Divisions.

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