#Co-op heist sim Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine is getting a sequel, Monaco 2

“Co-op heist sim Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine is getting a sequel, Monaco 2”

You son of a…. I’m in.

The heist is again on. Pocketwatch Video games has introduced that it’s engaged on a sequel to 2013’s Monaco: What’s Your is Mine, dubbed merely Monaco 2.

The brand new Monaco will nonetheless be a co-op heist simulator, with gamers taking up well-guarded ranges in the hunt for treasured plunder. The primary main change-up for Monaco 2 is that it’s 3D. Whereas the unique Monaco was a top-down affair, Monaco 2 shall be totally 3D, opening up potential for getting into buildings by way of the Z-axis.

Within the first dev log for the sequel, Pocketwatch goes into extra variations. The degrees in Monaco 2 shall be procedurally generated, as a way to hold gamers on their toes and adapting to each new state of affairs.

Composer Austin Wintory can also be set to attain the sport. The primary trace of it, spotlighted within the Monaco 2 dev log, sounds similar to a heist-in-progress in an excellent manner.

Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine was a little bit of a hidden gem on PC and Xbox Stay Arcade. It was a co-op heist simulator, filled with quickly evolving chaos and completely different job roles to vary up gameplay. It looks like ages for the reason that first time I broke by means of a window and set off each alarm.

Pocketwatch went on to develop the fascinating animal-centric RTS Tooth and Tail, which put a unusual spin on technique video games. Now they’re again within the heist recreation, and with a sequel, this might be an opportunity for this workforce to essentially showcase what shined in regards to the unique. I imply, I’m at all times in for a heist. We’re caught ready on updates for now, however you’ll be able to wishlist Monaco 2 on Steam right here.


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