#Citizen Sleeper will get first of its free DLC episodes later this month

“Citizen Sleeper will get first of its free DLC episodes later this month”

FLUX arrives on Erlin’s Eye in July

Sci-fi narrative journey Citizen Sleeper is getting extra content material, beginning this month. FLUX, the primary of three free DLC episodes for Citizen Sleeper, launches on July 28, 2022.

FLUX is one in every of three upcoming updates, and facilities on tensions round a refugee ship sure for Erlin’s Eye, the station on which Citizen Sleeper takes place. All three of Citizen Sleeper‘s new episodes increase on the broader narrative of the Helion System, the place the Eye is situated.

The FLUX storyline will introduce new characters on the coronary heart of its story. Eshe is the cussed captain of the Climbing Briar, twisted up with the flotilla. Peake, their second-in-command, may even play a task in a narrative about getting aid via quarantine.

The present roadmap for post-launch rollout has FLUX touchdown in July, whereas a second replace is tentatively scheduled for October. Extra is additional out, possible into subsequent yr.

No time for nodding off, Sleeper

Should you’re unfamiliar, Citizen Sleeper is a tabletop-inspired role-playing journey that launched earlier this yr for PC, Mac, Swap, and Xbox. It follows a Sleeper, which is a man-made physique and consciousness basically copied over from one other particular person for labor.

Because the Sleeper, you’re on the run from a company and end up on Erlin’s Eye, a station stuffed with wayward souls and outcasts on the perimeter of occupied house. A lot of the sport is about surviving everyday, making an attempt to take care of a failing physique whereas determining what to do subsequent, and the way.

It’s a particularly charming expertise that I haven’t been capable of get out of my head since I reviewed it. It’s an exquisite mixture of storytelling, stress, and tabletop mechanics. So it’s protected to say I’m excited about what Leap Over The Age and Fellow Traveller are doing with these follow-up episodes.

The primary Citizen Sleeper DLC episode, FLUX, goes stay without cost on all platforms on July 28.


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