#Behold the mysteries (and flying cats) that await in Forspoken – Destructoid

Behold the mysteries (and flying cats) that await in Forspoken – Destructoid

The shallowest ‘Deep Dive’ ever

One of many first huge releases of 2023 might be Sq. Enix’ dimension-hopping journey Forspoken, which arrives on PC and console platforms in January of the brand new yr — Developer Luminous Productions has launched a brand new video spotlighting the various quests, allies, mysteries, and distractions that await younger hero Frey’s journey into the magically-infused world of Athia.

The amusingly titled “Deep Dive” video, (working simply wanting 4 minutes), focuses on the various adventurous points of Forspoken which can be each instantly entwined with the sport’s central narrative or seem as enjoyable little extras and/or mini-games. The video begins off with Athia’s magnificent Monuments which, as soon as freed of corruption by Frey, will provide up stat-boosting expertise and talents for future encounters.

We’re then launched to Flashbacks — optionally available encounters that permit Frey to journey into Athia’s previous and be taught extra concerning the world-tearing incident often known as “The Break”. Whereas stepping by means of time, Frey may decide up some extra XP, mana, and different rewards that can’t be discovered elsewhere. And talking of magic, the Spellcraft Challenges will permit gamers to spice up their mythic arts by way of the completion of in-game challenges, placing a bit of extra pixie mud in Frey’s fated cuff. As well as, Frey can earn boosts at sure taverns and inns by way of a mystical dice-style machine often known as “Partha”.

Whereas Athia is pretty desolate within the aftermath of The Break, Frey is definitely not alone. Befriending the native kids, Frey may also help assuage their fears and present them the fantastic thing about the land by photographing sure areas of the open world and gifting these photos to the native youth. Moreover, whereas Frey could be lacking her personal moggy, Homer, she will be able to discover and undertake feline associates often known as “Tanta’s Familiars” — Possibly she will be able to even discover these cute & magical strays a brand new residence!

forspoken deep dive trailer cats frey

Forspoken has gotten off to a tough begin on account of some frankly silly PR communicate and a trailer that led to memeriffic mocking, however I believe that beneath the wrongfooting lies a doubtlessly stable fantasy journey. Will probably be fascinating to see if the brand new IP, which admittedly has gotten off to one thing of a troublesome begin from a advertising and marketing standpoint, will become a extremely neat and compelling early hit of the dawning yr.

Forspoken launches January 24 on PS5 and PC.


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