What can we expect from social media marketing in the future year?

It’s never easy to predict, and the disruption over the past two years has shaken things up even more than usual. But in order to glean insight into where things are likely headed, Hootsuite recently surveyed more than 18k people, including a range of platform experts and representatives, to get their thoughts on what’s coming next, and what you should be preparing for in your strategy.

The full Hootsuite 2022 Social Trends Report includes in-depth overviews on each trend, and recommendations on how you should take action to prepare. You can download the full report here (with email sign-up), but Hootsuite has also published the below infographic to highlight the key findings from the data.

Definitely worth noting, and it may well be worth downloading the full report to dig a little deeper.

Hootsuite social media marketing trends