#All new mods with Warframe’s Jade Shadows replace – Destructoid

All new mods with Warframe’s Jade Shadows replace – Destructoid

Warframe’s Jade Shadows replace comes with lots of new content material that’s instantly attention-grabbing. The brand new cinematic quest is nice for individuals who’ve caught up with the story up to now, the latest body Jade makes for an awesome help body, and all the brand new weapons make for simple Mastery, or probably some new instruments in your arsenal.

One facet that’s not talked about a lot nonetheless may be large in your builds. Listed here are all the brand new mods launched with Warframe’s Jade Shadows replace.

Each new mod with the Jade Shadows replace for Warframe

Whereas not many mods have been launched with this replace, 4 new increase mods can be found for Protea, Sevagoth, Dagath, and Qorvex. Every of those may be slotted into that body to alter up certainly one of that body’s skills, giving it extra performance or finishing reworking it. Right here is every mod, together with what it does:

  • Temporal Artillery (Protea)
    • Blaze Artillery Increase: When Temporal Anchor is activated, one present Artillery unit will connect to Protea, halting its period countdown. Max combo depend is 20x.
  • Darkish Propagation (Sevagoth)
    • Sow Increase: Enemies killed whereas inflicted with Sow unfold its impact in a 15m radius. Shadow’s Demise Harvest additionally inflicts Sow.
  • Spectral Spirit (Dagath)
    • Grave Spirit Increase: Instantly assume Grave Spirit’s Spectral Kind. 100% likelihood for weapons and skills to use Doom. Kills exterior of Spectral Kind lower its cooldown by 1s.
  • Wrecking Wall (Qorvex)
    • Containment Wall Increase: Strip 50% of armor and shields from struck enemies. Hitting 5 or extra enemies will restart the period of any Chyrinka Pillars and empower them.

Whereas most of those increase mods will possible have area of interest makes use of if not being utterly outclassed, the increase mod for Qorvex is especially attention-grabbing. Armor strip builds are a serious factor for late-game content material in Warframe, so having one capacity present 50% armor strip is very large and helps cut back the quantity of different armor stripping you may want.

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