#All 8 Eeveelutions in Pokémon, ranked – Destructoid

All 8 Eeveelutions in Pokémon, ranked – Destructoid

If not Eevee, then who?

I’ve all the time had a mushy spot for Eevee. It began after I was a child watching the Pokémon anime on Cartoon Community. Episode 40 was referred to as “The Battling Eevee Brothers,” and it has caught with me for twenty years. Within the episode, Mike was being pressured by his three older brothers to evolve his Eevee the best way that they developed theirs. Every brother had a ridiculous coiffure that matched a few of the concurrently cutest and coolest Pokémon I had seen: Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon. In the long run, Mike selected to not evolve his valuable companion, and all of us understood.

However you may make a distinct alternative than Mike. In reality, you’ve far more choices than he did throughout that episode. There are at the moment eight totally different evolutions of Eevee, colloquially referred to as Eeveelutions. Whereas taking part in the video games, you may catch all of them. We actually have a information on how one can catch Leafeon and Glaceon in Pokémon GO. Nevertheless, I discover myself wanting to decide on a signature Pokémon. Ash had Pikachu, and Brock had Vulpix. I would like an Eeveelution to hang around and go to battle with. In case you’re in the identical boat, let’s discover the totally different Eeveelutions based mostly on a mixture of design and battle prowess. Who would you like at your facet?

8. Sylveon

Picture by way of Official Pokédex

Sylveon’s primary factor is that it’s cute, however I actually don’t suppose it’s. Definitely not as cute as a lot of the different Eeveelutions. This Fairy-type Eevee has a Cute Appeal skill, which can trigger its attackers to fall for it and its soothing “feelers” disguised as ribbons. The ribbons, “feelers,” are a bit offputting although. Sylveon is usually a helpful workforce member with regards to therapeutic, however I believe I’d be somewhat embarrassed strolling round with this one following me.

7. Jolteon

Picture by way of Official Pokédex

Spikey Jolteon is so cute! Like most Electrical-type Pokémon, it has first rate Pace and Particular Assault stats, so it may possibly strike first more often than not. When going through off towards one other Electrical-type, Jolteon can use its Volt Take in skill to soak up an Electrical-type transfer and restore its personal HP. Sadly, there are many stronger Pokémon on this class, and so far as design goes, Jolteon appears somewhat hazardous to have round. It could actually launch clumps of its personal electrified fur, and that’s some disconcerting Tarantula nonsense.

6. Glaceon

Picture by way of Official Pokédex

Glaceon is the Ice-type Eeveelution. Whereas design-wise, I like its blue-green shade and lovely bangs, the battle stats are too onerous to disregard for this one. Its Particular Assault stat is admittedly good, however its HP and Pace are so low, what’s the purpose? I do love Ice-type Pokémon although. I can transfer previous one more Eeveelution that throws its hair as a result of I like the icy flurries it may possibly create. Nevertheless, it’s not a fantastic look to have a Signature Pokémon who faints on a regular basis.

5. Flareon

Picture by way of Official Pokédex

Flareon is the Fireplace-type Eeveelution. It appears the closest to Eevee in comparison with the remainder of them on account of its fluffy collar and tail. Whereas small and fiercely cute, it may possibly exhale extraordinarily sizzling hearth like a dragon. Sadly, choosing Flareon for greater than its look doesn’t make sense. Its stats aren’t horrible by any means, however there are a lot stronger Fireplace-types to decide on as a substitute. Nonetheless, I’d not be embarrassed in any respect to be related to a fluffy, firebreathing fox.

4. Leafeon

Picture by way of Official Pokédex

Leafeon is among the cutest Eeveelutions for my part. It might simply be my tendency to love Grass-types, however I like the leafy ears and tail. So far as design goes, this Pokémon is a large win. With regards to the battling half, Leafeon has a excessive Protection and Assault, however its HP and Pace are nonetheless low. It additionally has plenty of weaknesses as a Grass-type. It has a distinct segment on the workforce, but it surely doesn’t stand out amongst different Pokémon of the identical kind. It will not be my primary alternative, however I’d nonetheless like to have this little factor following me round.

3. Espeon

Picture by way of Official Pokédex

Psychic-type Pokémon are inclined to look somewhat mysterious, and Espeon matches the invoice. Its forked tail and wonderful hairs assist it predict its opponent’s subsequent transfer. Regardless of wanting like a fragile cat, Espeon is among the stronger Eeveelutions by far. Its Particular Assault stat and Pace enable it to strike first and strike onerous. It’s solely weak towards Ghost, Darkish, and Bug-types, and its Synchronize skill turns out to be useful. Each time it’s burned, poisoned, or paralyzed, its attacker positive factors the identical standing. I like the thought of creeping different folks out with this little factor sitting on my shoulder too.

2. Umbreon

Picture by way of Official Pokédex

Umbreon is simply too robust to disregard. This Darkish-type Pokémon could also be gradual, but it surely has good Protection, Particular Protection, and HP. Umbreon is among the few Eeveelutions that’s robust in its kind too, so it is smart so as to add to your workforce. So far as design goes, it has an attention-grabbing look. Black with some yellow circles and sharp factors on the ears and tail, Umbreon appears somewhat like an inverted bee. With this factor trotting by my facet, I’d handle to look type of cool at the least. Simply not almost as cool as Umbreon.

1. Vaporeon

Picture by way of Official Pokédex

Vaporeon has had my coronary heart since I used to be a child. This Water-type Pokémon is flawlessly designed. It is a mermaid fox, and I would like it. The flared collar, the fish-fin ears, the black eyes, and the tail are all spot-on with out being an excessive amount of. It nonetheless manages to look modern and fashionable. Whereas Vaporeon could now not be the strongest Eeveelution, neither is it the strongest Water-type on the market, it’s nonetheless a fantastic addition to the workforce. As a Water-type it has nice HP and is just weak to Electrical and Grass-types. It could actually flip invisible because it swims within the water, and the Water Take in skill lets it get better its HP when hit with Water-type assaults. In case you can’t snag a Gyarados or related, Vaporeon is an effective substitute.

In the long run, we will choose whichever Eeveelution we wish. Most signature Pokémon aren’t essentially the strongest. They only imply one thing to the coach. If you wish to see extra cute Pokémon, together with the place we ranked Eevee, try our record of the highest 10 cutest Pokémon of all time.


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